Vermont Profiled in Washington Business Journal

"The young, dynamic Vermont is a far cry from the image of John Houseman in 'The Paper Chase,'" states the author of an article profiling Professor Sam Vermont in the Washington Business Journal.

WBJ staff reporter Jennifer Nycz-Conner relied on an interview with Vermont and a visit to his classroom to prepare the article, which features a color photo of Vermont en route to class. The article, in addition to providing the reader with interesting background on Vermont's educational and work backgrounds, discusses Vermont's perspective and goals in teaching patent law to George Mason law students.

Patent prof gets students ready for pending career, Washington Business Journal, June 6-12, 2008. By Jennifer Nycz-Conner.

"Landing a first law job is a numbers game, as in grade point average. Even if patent law is not their passion, their grades in Vermont's class could be a factor in which firms will summon them for an interview.

"Patent law is an area with a boundless future. As technology expands, so does the law surrounding it. And those laws are going to need sharp lawyers to interpret them.

"'Patent law's pretty challenging,' Vermont says. 'Most of the class is devoted to talking about the law' rather than actual patents.

"An understanding of the process and the meaning behind all the rules and statutes is what Vermont hopes students will take away from his class. 'I want the to know what happens in the real world,' he says."

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