Alvaré Participates in Three Recent Scholarly Events

March and April have been busy months for Professor Helen Alvaré, who participated in several notable events in that time frame.

On March 12, Alvaré presented a paper at a Boston College Law Review symposium entitled Jurisprudence of Marriage and Other Adult Intimate Relationships. This major symposium, which was a collaboration between Boston College and Brigham Young University, looked at the legal implications of marriage and other relationships and included leading experts on the topic from around the world. Alvaré's paper was on the subject, "Toward a Jurisprudence of Marriage and Committed Relationships." Streaming video of the event is available on the Boston College website.

Later in the month, American University's Washington College of Law was the venue for a March 19 forum on California's Proposition 8 on same-sex marriage at which Alvaré was a speaker. The Til Ballot Initiative Do Us Part: Marriage Equality, Religion and Civil Rights conference brought together nationally prominent religious, media and legal figures to discuss key questions raised by the results of ballot initiatives amending state constitutions to recognize as civil marriages only unions between one man and one woman. Alvaré was a participant in a discussion on the topic of "What Happened on November 4th? The Confluence of Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation and Politics at the Ballot Box."

On April 17, Alvaré participated as a respondent at a George Washington University School of Law Baby Selling Roundtable where scholars from across the United States presented papers about assisted reproductive technologies, including information on the market and legal and technological developments.