Latest Buckley Book Makes Its Debut

Oxford University Press has published a new book by Professor Francis H. Buckley that made its debut in late February 2009.

In Fair Governance: Paternalism and Perfectionism, Buckley explores the question of when the state might reasonably interfere with individual preferences, either to make us better off (paternalism) or to prevent us from making immoral choices (perfectionism). The book canvasses the literature in law, economics, psychology, and philosophy, and examines recent empirical studies of judgment biases and happiness. Resisting dogmatic solutions, Buckley argues that there are few circumstances in which an intrusive interference with personal preferences is justified.

Buckley has taught at George Mason University School of Law since 1989 and is a Foundation Professor of Law, as well as  Executive Director of the George Mason Law & Economics Center. Before joining the law faculty, he was a Visiting Olin Fellow of the University of Chicago Law School. He was twice a visiting professor at the Sorbonne (Paris II) and was a visiting professor at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) in fall 2007.

The author of numerous books and articles on law and economics, Buckley has published in many of the leading journals, including the Journal of Legal Studies, the International Review of Law and Economics, and Public Choice. Other recent books include The Morality of Laughter (University of Michigan Press) and Just Exchange: A Theory of Contract (Routledge).

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