Byrne Named by West Group as Author of Treatise on Letters of Credit

Professor James E. Byrne was named by West Group Publishing Company as author of its treatise on Revised UCC Article 5: Letters of Credit in volume 6B of its Hawkland Uniform Commercial Code Series. His 753-page commentary was published in Spring 2009. He also edited the update on Prior UCC Article 5. One Mason Law graduate, Lee H. Davis (05), worked closely with him on the volume, and three Mason Law graduates, Tyler J. Balding (08), Jon W. Burd (05), and Jacob A. Manning (05), proofed chapters and made editorial suggestions. Six current Mason Law students worked as interns on the project.

Byrne also completed the 2009 Annual Review of Letter of Credit Law & Practice (636 pages 2009) containing all the literature on the field published in the prior year and abstracts of all reported cases. Mason Law graduate Lee H. Davis (05) was a named co-editor. As has been the case for many years, current Mason Law students assisted in the process and were acknowledged.

The fourth edition of Byrne’s Contracts Supplement, Contract Texts: Restatement 2d Contracts, US UCC Article 5, and the CISG (794 pages) was published by the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice. Originally printed for Byrne’s Contracts class in 2001, the book is now used in more than 30 law schools including New York University, University of Michigan, Columbia University, the University of Chicago, and UCLA. A number of Mason Law students assisted in the course of the various editions.