Fall 2009 Entering Class Numbers 247

The fall 2009 semester saw the enrollment of a total of 247 first-year law students, with 190 of them enrolled as full-time students and 57 registered for part-time study. The incoming students were selected from an applicant pool of 5,273 prospective students, 25% of whom received offers of admission.

The entering class has a median LSAT of 163 and a median GPA of 3.72, representing a rise in GPA over the entering class in 2008, and incoming students hold a total of 30 advanced degrees.

Students beginning their studies this week at Mason Law were drawn from 146 different undergraduate institutions. Fifty-seven percent of the entering students are male, while their female counterparts represent 43 percent of the class. Average age of the entering students is 24.6 years.

This year's entering class has a higher percentage of out-of-state students, with 57 percent coming to Mason Law from outside the Commonwealth. Virginia residents make up the remaining 43 percent of the class.