Mossoff Moderates Bilski Debate on SCOTUScast

On August 13, Professor Adam Mossoff moderated a debate for the popular podcast series SCOTUSCast. Subject of the debate was the Court's grant of certiorari in Bilski v. Doll, possibly one of the most important patent cases to come before the Supreme Court in many years.

The Supreme Court must determine in Bilski whether a “process” must be attached to a particular machine or apparatus or transform that object into a different state or object in order to be patentable. It will also consider whether that test for patent eligibility contradicts Congressional intent that patents protect method[s] of doing business.

In addition to Mossoff, the debate featured  Professor Michael Risch of West Virginia University School of Law and Professor Joshua Sarnoff of American University’s Washington College of Law.

The SCOTUSCast audio broadcast series is presented by The Federalist Society and provides expert commentary on U.S. Supreme Court cases as they are argued and issued.

The program is available here.