O'Neill Appears on Fox 5 News to Discuss Prosecution of Terrorism Suspects

Professor Michael O'Neill was a live, in-studio guest on September 29 on Fox 5 Morning News, where he was interviewed by Steve Chenevey concerning issues surrounding the arrest of Afghan immigrant Najibullah Zazi, who is suspected of having targeted the New York City subway system for a bombing attack. Three others are suspected co-conspirators.

O'Neill discussed the difficulty the government faces in prosecuting suspected terrorists who may be  plotting crimes against the United States and its citizens. Currently suspected terrorists are referred by law enforcement agencies such as the FBI for possible prosecution. Under the U.S. legal system, prosecutors must have sufficient evidence to charge and successfully convict. It is estimated that the government prosecutes only one in four of those referred by law enforcement, raising the question whether it would be better to be more pro-active in preventing attacks by terrorists. O'Neill believes Congress needs to provide a uniform definition of what constitutes a terrorism offense.

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