Sales on Visa Waiver Program

Professor Nathan Sales served on a Heritage Foundation task force whose report, Visa Waiver Program: A Plan to Build on Success, was released on June 12 as part of the Foundation's first-ever "Protect America Month". Through the month of June, The Heritage Foundation is releasing special publications and hosting events showcasing the need to protect America in an increasingly dangerous world.

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) was established by Congress in an effort to strengthen America's relationship with its global allies. The task force report, written by Sales and three co-authors, illustrates that recent reforms have enabled the program to become an effective tool for thwarting terrorist and criminal activities and also for combating violations of U.S. immigration laws while still providing safeguards for individual privacy. The authors conclude that Congress should transfer permanent waiver authority the the Department of Homeland Security while also ensuring that all VWP member nations enter bilateral agreements with the U.S. to implement new security requirements.

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