Schleicher Presents Paper at Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum

On May 29 and 30, Professor David Schleicher participated in the 2009 Stanford/Yale Faculty Forum by presenting a peer-selected paper entitled, "The City as a Law and Economic Subject." The paper argues that there is a conflict between agglomeration and sorting and that the conflict is central to understanding the efficiency of local government law.

Schleicher traveled to Stanford Law School in California for the Forum, the objective of which is to encourage the work of young scholars by providing experience in the pursuit of scholarship and the nature of scholarly exchange. The Forum meets twice a year, spring and fall, alternating between Yale and Stanford each year.

This was the tenth year for the Forum, for which between 12 and 20 untenured scholars with seven years or fewer in teaching are chosen from their submissions to be presenters. Two senior scholars comment on each paper presented before an audience composed of the young scholars themselves, faculty from the host institutions, and invited guests.

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