Green Bag "Pitches" Supreme Court Baseball Cards

Face of Chief Justice John Roberts Trading CardProfessor Ross Davies has introduced a series of Supreme Court baseball trading cards, Supreme Court Sluggers, as the Green Bag law journal's latest collectible designed for subscribers and friends of the publication.

The series debuted with a card bearing the likeness of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts as pitcher. Inspiration for the card was derived from an original baseball card showing the image of Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown, a Chicago Cubs pitcher who, like Roberts, a Cubs fan, was from Indiana. Brown died in 1948, one year prior to his election to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

On the face of the trading card is a small background image of legendary umpire Bill Klem, intended to represent Roberts' 2005 statement that the Court must strive to be a "fair and unbiased umpire." The card back contains a wide variety of statistics based on Roberts' judicial career.

The original painting of Roberts on the mound that adorns the trading card face was done by Alec Spangler. Read more about the origin and history associated with the new trading card at the Green Bag website.

The National Law Journal featured a November 9 article about the new trading card series.

Davies is well known for the ongoing series of Supreme Court bobbleheads he designs as collectibles for selected fans of the Green Bag (see related article).