Verret Briefs Congressional Staffers on Understanding Nation's Fiscal Crisis

Professor J.W. Verret participated in a January briefing for Congressional and agency staff on Capitol Hill in a program entitled Understanding the Financial Crisis. The presentation was part of a series by the George Mason University Mercatus Center's Financial Markets Working Group, of which Verret is a member.

The January program featured expert panelists who addressed various aspects of the nation's current economic condition with an eye toward increasing understanding of both the crisis itself and its implications for policy decisions.

Verret's presentation was entitled, "Government Ownership and Shareholders Rights." He cautioned that capital markets could suffer unintended negative consequences without careful consideration and advance planning for how shareholder rights and responsibilities will be managed, now that the government has emerged as a dominant shareholder in certain key industries.

Verret is a Senior Scholar at the Mercatus Center and has a relationship with the Securities and Exchange Commission in which he regularly consults with Commissioners and staff on how to deal with the financial crisis.

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