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Verret on the Hill: Examining the Geithner Plan

On April 14, Professor J.W. Verret took part in a briefing for Congressional and agency staff on Capitol Hill in a program entitled Understanding the Financial Crisis IV: The Geithner Plan. The presentation was fourth in a series by the George Mason University Mercatus Center's Financial Markets Working Group, of which Verret is a member.

Verret was joined by Professor Garett Jones of the George Mason University Economics Department as a featured participant in a panel discussion that examined and debated the Geithner Plan for restoration of the nation's economy. Key among the issues considered were how the financial system might react to this new form of government involvement, whether private investors will join the government in purchasing toxic assets, cost and benefits of raising capital and risk management standards, the effect of new regulations on future financial innovation, and possible alternatives in the event the Geithner Plan does not succeed.  

Verret is a Senior Scholar at the Mercatus Center and has a relationship with the Securities and Exchange Commission in which he regularly consults with Commissioners and staff on how to deal with the financial crisis.