Verret on NPR, C-SPAN

Professor J.W. Verret appeared this week in an interview on National Public Radio affiliate KCRW in Santa Monica and on C-SPAN, as he discussed the issue of executive compensation.

On Monday, October 26, Verret appeared on KCRW's program To the Point with host Warren Olney, in a segment entitled "Is It Time Wall Street Was Paid for Performance?" Verret expressed concern that income limits for executives would result in limits on dynamic growth. To the Point deals with issues of national concern and is on air in most major metropolitan markets across the country.

Earlier in the week, Verret made a Saturday, October 24, appearance on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. Verret expressed the viewpoint that government does a poor job of regulating away crises, saying the evidence worldwide is overwhelming that government involvement in banking and similar industries is not a good thing.

Listen to Verret's KCRW interview (Verret segment begins at approximately 25:18) 

View Verret's C-SPAN interview