Zengerle Participates in DOJ/FBI Training Program

Professor Joseph Zengerle was a presenter in a two-day training program for new Assistant U.S. Attorneys co-sponsored by the Department of Justice and the FBI held May 14 and 15 in Arlington, Virginia.

The sole non-governmental speaker in the program, Zengerle discussed the topic First Amendment: What Speech, Associations, and Expressions are Protected? He addressed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in his remarks, specifically discussing a proviso that prevents a judge from issuing a warrant for electronic surveillance if the target is considered an agent of a foreign power based "solely on activities protected by the First Amendment." The proviso was enacted in 1978 as part of the original FISA, which arose from the Church Committee's investigation of abuses in the Watergate scandal. Zengerle discussed the history of FISA and First Amendment cases involving advocacy of illegal activities.