Zywicki on the Air: Debt and Bankruptcy

Professor and noted bankruptcy expert Todd Zywicki was a recent guest on two programs examining aspects of consumer debt and bankruptcy.

The Library of Economics and Liberty's Russ Roberts, host of EconTalk, interviewed Zywicki about the evolving world of consumer debt and how institutions and public policy have influenced consumer access to debt and credit. Zywicki also discussed the evolution of U.S. bankruptcy law. EconTalk produces a weekly podcast that features a one-on-one discussion with a broad range of individuals and was voted Best Podcast in the 2008 Weblog Awards.

Listen to the podcast of the Zywicki interview.

Zywicki also appeared as a guest on KBPK-FM, the NPR affiliate in California, on California Commerce, a weekly program on economic issues hosted by John McCauley. Zywicki discussed proposed changes to bankrupcy law currently pending in Congress in which bankruptcy judges would have the ability to effect reductions to both principal and interest on home loans. He expressed concern that increases in closing costs, down payments, and interest rates might result for consumers across the board in response to the proposed changes.