Byrne Publishes Definitive Volume on UCP600: An Analytical Commentary

Professor James E. Byrne recently completed the 1462 page volume entitled UCP600: An Analytical Commentary with co-authors Vincent M. Maulella, Soh Chee Seng, and Alexander Zelenov. Published by the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice, the Analytical Commentary offers extensive analysis, historical background, and interpretation of these rules affecting letter of credit practice that represent the most widely used example of self regulation by an industry. The volume has already been hailed as the definitive treatment of the subject.

This project took eight years to complete and was supported by the School of Law and its Law & Economics Center. Mason Law graduate Lee H. Davis provided significant assistance during the years that he worked for the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice. In addition, the following Mason Law graduates assisted Professor Byrne either during their time at the law school or after graduation: Tyler J. Balding, Phillip R. Blackmon Jr., Jon W. Burd, Matthew C. Butsick, Peter L. Cockrell, Michael D’Anello, Felicia Davenport, David Duncan, Jessica M. Farrow, Robert D.H. Floyd, Daniel G. Donahue, Matthew Gaziano, Matthew D. Giles, Jonathan Levine, William T. Lowery, Jacob A. Manning, Maurice Mult, Kevin R. Pettrey, Mauricio A. Posadas, Ramsey Saleeby, Timothy A. Singh, Joshua Smeltzer, Eric E. Swartz, Eric C. Williams, Jason Wittlin-Cohen.