Byrne Delivers Overseas Presentations in July

In July 2010, Professor James E. Byrne chaired the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice’s multinational Annual Surveys of Letter of Credit Law and Practice in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. He also chaired the annual Guarantee & Standby Forums in Hong Kong and Singapore. Current practice, legal cases, and interpretation of practice rules regarding letters of credit and independent guarantees were addressed at these events. The Annual Surveys and Guarantee & Standby Forums serve as academic mediums wherein businesspeople, lawyers, and bankers may gather to discuss current LC and guarantee topics. The panels consist of leading bankers, academics, lawyers, and others in the field.

Current Mason Law second-year student Tyler Stubbs was present at the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur events in the capacity of summer intern to the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice. Current second-year student Josh Chamberlain served in a similar capacity at the Hong Kong events to which he traveled from a summer internship in Beijing. Current third-year student Andrey Kuznetsov attended the Guarantee & Standby Forum in Singapore while visiting his parents who currently reside there.