Davies Awarded 2010 Yoseloff Research Grant

The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) has announced the award of a 2010 Yoseloff-SABR Baseball Research Grant to Professor Ross Davies.

The award is designed to assist SABR members in conducting baseball research of any type and having that research published by SABR. Davies will research former Supreme Court Chief Justice Fred Vinson and his close relationship with baseball and, more generally, the Supreme Court's relationship to the game from the time of the Court's 1922 decision in the Federal Baseball case to Vinson's death in 1953.

Well known for his enormously popular Supreme Court bobbleheads, Davies recently began designing and producing collectible baseball trading cards as part of a Supreme Court Sluggers series. The card front features an original rendering of a Supreme Court justice, while the card's back is filled with a variety of interesting statistics on the subject's judicial record.

SABR is an international organization based in Ohio whose mission is to foster the study of baseball, assist in developing and maintaining the history of the game, facilitate the dissemination of baseball research, and stimulate interest in the sport.