FantasyLaw 2009 Awards Ceremony Held January 12

Blackmun TrophyThe Green Bag's 2009 FantasyLaw awards ceremony was held on Thursday, January 12, at noon at George Mason University School of Law, where the 2009 League Champions and Congressional MVPs were presented with Harry A. Blackmun Trophies.

The Blackmun Trophy is a Supreme Court bobblehead produced by the Green Bag and available only to FantasyLaw League Champions and MVPs. 

On December 24, the Green Bag announced the results of the first season (111th Congress, 1st Session) of FantasyLaw, a light-hearted game designed by the Green Bag to foster increased attention to and understanding of the work of Congress and to encourage the production of useful, readable scholarship about the work of Congress.

A FantasyLaw League consists of from 5 to 9 FantasyLaw teams, each of which is controlled by a different owner. A team consists of 10 federal legislators. In each league, the champion is the team with the most points at the end of the season.

Results of the 2009 season are as follows:

Galloping Gophers League   Snack Cakes   Season score: 683.5
Justice League   The Voting Elvii   Season score: 586
Pro Se League   The Philly Busters   Season score: 621
Stimulus Spending League   Speech or Debate Claws   Season score: 583.5
House of Representatives MVP   Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)   2961.35 average points per week
Senate MVP   John McCain (R-AZ)   689 average points per week

For more information about FantasyLaw, or to register for the 2010 FantasyLaw season, go to

The Green Bag is a quarterly law journal devoted to "short, readable, useful, and sometimes entertaining legal scholarship." Mason Law Professor Ross Davies is its editor-in-chief.


Fantasy Law CeremonyFantasyLaw editors Sarah Nash (left) and Joshua Cumby (right) pose
with John McCain's Blackmun Trophy at the award ceremony on January 12.