Hayward Testifies on Capitol Hill Re: Citizens United Ruling

Professor Allison Hayward made two appearances on Capitol Hill to give testimony, first on February 2 at a Senate Committee on Rules & Administration hearing at the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill to discuss the Supreme Court's recent decision to allow unlimited corporate spending in elections. Hayward returned to the Hill again on February 3 to address the House Administration Committee at a full committee hearing on "Defining the Future of Campaign Finance in an Age of Supreme Court Activism."  

In the February 2 hearing entitled, "Corporate America vs. The Voter: Examining the Supreme Court's Decision to Allow Unlimited Corporate Spending in Elections," Hayward told the Senate committee the holding in Citizens United was consistent with the Supreme Court's approach to laws restricting independent political activity. The expenditure ban found unconstitutional in the ruling was "a departure from existing law, enacted as an obscure and little-debated provision buried in a hotly contested legislative package," said Hayward. 

Hayward also advised the committee that in the future "Judicial review of any burdens on independent spending will demand evidence of a compelling government interest behind the restriction."

Following her February 2 Hill testimony, Hayward joined John Samples, director of the Center for Representative Government at the Cato Institute, and Ilya Shapiro, senior fellow of constitutional studies and editor-in-chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review, for a briefing on Capitol Hill entitled "Campaign Finance After Citizens United: What Now?"