Mossoff Moderates Bilski Podcast Debate

Professor Adam Mossoff moderated a debate on the Supreme Court's June decision in Bilski v. Kappos for The Federalist Society's Practice Group Podcasts. Participants John Duffy of George Washington University Law School and David Olson of Boston College Law School discussed the implications of the Bilski decision and offered insight into the case through discussion that ranged across the spectrum of historical case law, statutory and constitutional interpretation, and patent policy, touching on the case's meaning for the future of subject matter jurisprudence and what the case may portend for the ongoing Myriad litigation.

Both Duffy and Olson wrote or joined briefs in the case and wrote on Bilski widely, with Duffy participating in oral argument before the en banc panel of the Federal Circuit. Associate Justice John Paul Stevens cited to law journal articles by both scholars in his concurring opinion in Bilski.