Mossoff Speaks at Joint DOJ/FTC/PTO Seminar

Professor Adam Mossoff spoke on June 23 at a joint Department of Justice/Federal Trade Commission/U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seminar on his research into patent thickets and patent pools.

Mossoff's talk, which was based on his paper entitled, "A Stitch in Time: The Rise and Fall of the Sewing Machine Patent Thicket," took place at the Department of Justice's Liberty Square Building in Washington, D.C. Commentary was provided by Arti Rai, who is on leave from Duke University School of Law and currently the Administrator for External Affairs at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and Bill Adkinson, Counsel at the Federal Trade Commission.

In his paper, Mossoff analyzes the rise and fall of the first patent thicket in American history: the Sewing Machine War of the 1850s, contributing to debate on whether anticommons exist in patent law and impede innovation in patented products. 

An abstract and download of Mossoff's paper is available online through the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).