Wooldridge Addresses Property Rights Conference

Senior Lecturer in Law Robert W. Wooldridge Jr. spoke on defining just compensation in eminent domain cases at the 7th Annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference held at William & Mary Law School September 30 and October 1.

The conference is presented by the William & Mary Property Rights Project and is designed to bring together members of the bench, bar and academia to explore recent developments in takings law and other areas of the law affecting property rights.

Wooldridge was a conference panelist on the second day of the event, discussing the topic, "Defining Just Compensation: How Do You Get There and What
Does It Mean?" Joining Wooldridge were James W. Ely, Jr., Professor of Law Emeritus, Vanderbilt University, and Joseph T. Waldo, Attorney, Waldo & Lyle, P.C.

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