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Wright Presents Paper at DOJ Antitrust Division Seminar

Professor Joshua Wright presented his paper entitled, "State Regulation of Alcohol Distribution: The Effects of Post & Hold Laws on Output and Social Harms" at a Department of Justice Antitrust Division Economic Analysis Group Seminar held in Washington on October 12. Wright's paper was co-written with James C. Cooper of the Federal Trade Commission.

In his paper Wright concludes that Post & Hold laws reduce consumption by 2-8 percent and do not provide offsetting benefits in the form of reducing a range of social harms associated with alcohol consumption. His results suggest that increasing taxes and directly targeting social harms are superior policy instruments. 

The same paper was cited in testimony by Tracy K. Genesen of the Wine Institute at the House Committee on the Judiciary's hearing on the Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness (CARE) Act of 2010.