Mossoff Discusses Microsoft v. i4i Limited Partnership

Professor Adam Mossoff provided recent commentary on two important patent law issues.

On June 22, Mossoff discussed the Supreme Court's recent decision in Microsoft Corp. v. i4 Limited Partnership in which the Court held that the Patent Act does require an invalidity defense to be proved by clear and convincing evidence. Mossoff's comments were carried in a Federalist Society post-decision SCOTUScast, available for download.

On June 28, Mossoff was a guest on NPR's Kojo Nnamdi show to discuss his concerns with the recently enacted America Invents Act, which awaits a Reconciliation Conference before going to President Obama for his signature. Mossoff spoke on the many problems associated with the new patent legislation. To learn more about Mossoft's perspective, see an earlier story and listen to the program.