Green Bag Releases Scalia Baseball Card

Scalia Baseball CardProfessor Ross Davies of the Green Bag legal journal has released the fourth in a series of Supreme Court Sluggers baseball cards, with the latest edition featuring an artist's rendering of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.

The red, white, and blue card has Scalia front and center holding three baseball bats in the hitter's pose shown on the 1920s-40s Hall of Fame baseball card for catcher Rick Ferrell.

Behind and surrounding Scalia are three of the nation's historical founders, George Washington, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, in baseball attire.

Davies' latest card was a collaboration between Davies, artist John A. Sargent III, Benjamin Gianforti of Columbia Law School, and Sluggers editor Craig Rust (’10), a Mason Law grad who is responsible for compiling Scalia's SCOTUS statistics displayed on the card back. Each release of a sluggers card package includes a stick of pink "gum" (a magnet) featuring a pithy quote.

Supreme Court Sluggers featured on previous cards include Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Associate Justices John Paul Stevens and Arthur Goldberg.

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