Mossoff Participates in IP Delivers Launch Event

Professor Adam Mossoff participated in a July 30 launch of IP Delivers, an international educational campaign aimed at highlighting the fundamental value of intellectual property (IP) in the development of innovative and creative economies.

A project of the Global Intellectual Property Center, IP Delivers is committed to promoting the rights of innovators and creators around the world who are creating jobs, spurring economic growth, and delivering breakthrough solutions to global challenges. 

The event took place at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Briefing Center in Washington, D.C., for an audience consisting of embassy staff, federal government officials, relevant Hill Committee staff, and think tanks and third-party groups.

The program featured Voices of Intellectual Property, a panel of four speakers, each of whom delivered one of the core four message tracks for the campaign. Mossoff addressed the message track Access. He was joined by James Pooley, Deputy Director of Innovation and Technology, WIPO, who discussed Jobs; Alden Zecha, CFO and Strategist, Sproxil, Inc., who spoke on Safety; and Raul Cuero, Founder, International Park of Creativity, who addressed Innovation. Pooley also delivered the keynote address for the event.