Alexandra Rhodes Meets With Publication Success

As Alexandra Rhodes begins her third year of law school, she already has two notches on her belt through publication of a pair of articles she has written in law reviews.

This fall Rhodes's article "Saving Apes with the Laws of Men: Great Ape Protection in a Property-Based Animal Law System" will appear in Animal Law Review. The article's focus is recent legislation protecting great apes in the U.S. from abuse in the medical community and the entertainment industry. The article addresses American law, international animal welfare law, and the emerging idea that animals could be considered legal persons (similar to a corporation's status).

"Ultimately, it concludes that recent legislation like the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act--which is very pragmatic and economically-focused -- is better suited for America's current social and legal culture than the seemingly radical movement for personhood, because unlike other countries, we are somewhat resistant to the idea of animal rights, as a people," Rhodes remarks. 

In fall or winter, a second article written by Rhodes will appear in the Dartmouth Law Review. "Veganism as a Nontraditional Religion: First Amendment Protection for Employees and Prisoners" evaluates recent cases of discrimination against vegans in the workplace and in prisons and explores the claim that veganism is a constitutionally protected religious belief. Evaluating the dominant method for determining protection of a "nontraditional religion" in Supreme Court and other cases, the article suggests a more broad definition may be necessary to properly protect practitioners of nontraditional faiths.

Rhodes, who is an articles editor for the George Mason Law Review, will begin an internship this fall with the Executive Office of the President, Office of Administration's Office of General Counsel. She is a 2009 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she was awarded a BA in History and Political Science.