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A snapshot of selected SEPTEMBER 2013 news and activities:


New York Times
Professor Adam Mossoff comments in a New York Times article outlining the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plan to use its subpoena power to investigate businesses whose primary purpose is to stockpile patents and use them to sue other companies.
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Weekly Standard
In an article critical of the administration's handling of the crisis in Syria, Professor Jeremy Rabkin writes in the Weekly Standard that no international disarmament scheme can possibly work in today's Syria—and commitment to one could, in fact, unleash a greater threat. 

Consumer Electronics Daily
Commenting on reports that several patent licensing firms plan to start an association to represent their interests in Washington, Professor Adam Mossoff says patent assertion entities' (PAEs) lack of Washington presence on the same scale as pro-revamp industry groups has affected the "nature and tenor of the patent debate, particularly as it's heated up over the past year."
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The Detroit News
As the Supreme Court prepares to hear an important case, Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Professor Harry Hutchison considers whether the question of affirmative action in university admissions is "a panacea for failing public schools."

USA Today
In a USA Today column, Professor Jeremy Rabkin refutes arguments supporting the Russian proposal for a solution in Syria, saying, "The only way we can actually assure that Assad won't use chemical weapons again is to see that Assad is removed from power."
Catholic News Service
Speaking at a Vatican news conference highlighting some of the issues at the forefront of an international congress sponsored by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Professor Helen Alvaré called for greater support for women as mothers and wives. Alvaré joined nearly 200 jurists and others attending the gathering, which focused on family rights amid current challenges.
Professor Helen Alvaré was a participant in a SCOTUSblog online symposium, Cline v. Oklahoma Coalition of Reproductive Justice, in which guest contributors with a variety of perspectives shared thoughts on what is at stake in the case and how the Court might ultimately rule
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World Politics Review
The administration's draft authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) against Syria would provide President Obama broad authority to use force even outside of Syria, observes Professor Ilya Somin, if passed by Congress in its original form.
The Verge
With the passing of economist Ronald Coase, who had been the oldest living Nobel laureate, Professor Thomas Hazlett offers a reminder of Coase's influence in the area of telecommunications, as well as economics.
McClatchey Newspapers
Despite the president's assurances that he wants only a limited air attack on Syria, his proposed authorization allows a great deal of latitude and very little in the way of limitations, something Professor Ilya Somin says could be significant should U.S. military intervention go farther that what is currently suggested.




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