Kristine Fargotstein

Kristine Fargotstein, Class of ’12

Attorney Advisor, Federal Communications Commission

Kristine Fargotstein took full advantage of Mason’s DC location.

Mason’s proximity to Washington, and all is has to offer, provided Kristine with professional opportunities all throughout law school. Over the course of her time at Scalia Law, Kristine interned with the U.S. Senate, the Federal Communications Commission, and Facebook. In addition, she became an active member of the Federal Communications Bar Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C. These circumstances, she says, “expanded my professional network and gave me a competitive advantage when applying for post-graduate employment in DC.”

Now an Attorney Advisor for the Federal Communications Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau, Kristine takes the legal skills and knowledge she gained from law school and applies them to shaping sound communications law policies on the federal level. Says Kristine, “Scalia Law supported and encouraged me in creating a dedicated communications law concentration as part of the curriculum. The theoretical background I gained, combined with practical experiences, made me well prepared to work on some of the most important communications policy issues of our time, such as the Open Internet.”

Five years after the communications law concentration began, Kristine now teaches a course at Scalia Law as part of the program and actively advises students interested in communications law.