Rod Harrell

Rod Harrell, Class of ’17

Part-Time Student, Full-Time Pilot, Law Review Editor-in-Chief

A 737 captain at Southwest Airlines for the past fourteen years, Rod Harrell holds the unique honor of being both a part-time student and Editor-in-Chief of the George Mason Law Review.

On his decision to attend Mason, Rod says, “Four reasons attracted me to Mason. First, Mason is a top tier school in an excellent location. As a part-time student, ease of access with respect to my home in Alexandria, Virginia was very important, and Mason’s U.S. News ranking meant that I did not have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Second, as a Virginia resident, there is no better value in the United States for a comparable, high-quality legal education. The reasonableness of the in-state tuition will leave me with no debt upon graduation. Third, the law and economics angle intrigued me, and I was not disappointed. This approach to the law has awakened me to a new way of thinking that transcends my legal studies. Finally, the part-time program at Mason is exceptional. Every opportunity open to full-time students is open to me. How many other law schools have a part-time student in place as their law review’s editor-in-chief?”

Nevertheless, for Rod, it’s the people that truly set Mason apart. “Mason is a small school where students get to know each other, the faculty, and the administrators very well,” he says. “This familiarity leads to a personal touch, and Mason’s personal touches are delivered with care and with kindness. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.”