Brenda Leong

Brenda Leong, Class of ’14

Senior Counsel & Director of Operation, Future of Privacy

Brenda Leong is a self-confessed “gadget-obsessed person.” Her fast-paced job at a policy think tank, “The Future of Privacy Forum” has her analyzing “privacy issues, student data protection, and the internet of things, from Fitbits to Amazon drone deliveries.” A retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Force and a mom, Brenda understands changes in motion.

“Every day is something new,” Brenda says, “and that’s a perfect fit for me.” Brenda notes that her education and networking experience at George Mason was critical to her success. “The network of Mason grads is uniformly ready to mentor, engage, or assist with networking opportunities along many legal career channels. I would absolutely not be where I am without the support and assistance from those who graduated before me.”

Brenda’s experience with Mason’s robust alumni network is not the only key to her success. She also notes that her classroom education at Mason is a difference maker. “The energy and knowledge of the professors, the attention they gave to every course they taught, and their willingness to engage beyond the classroom both within and beyond the context of a particular course, made a huge difference in my experience.”

Brenda is also a big fan of the Career Services Office at Mason, where she notes that they were instrumental in setting up her fellowship that ultimately led to the job she has now.