Morgan Shields

Morgan Shields, Class of ’13

Assistant General Counsel, National Rifle Association

A graduate of the Class of 2013, Morgan Shields has found a career path that marries law and advocacy for issues about which she cares. Attracted to Scalia Law in part because of its fierce reputation for academic rigor and questioning convention, Morgan found the challenge she craved but was equally delighted to experience the supportive and accessible approach of her professors. “Everyone told me that when I went to law school I wouldn’t experience a congenial relationship with faculty. Mason’s law faculty are engaged with their students, converse outside of class, and really help us learn the materials and work to become exceptional lawyers.“

Morgan excelled in law school, becoming the Publications Editor for the Journal of Law, Economics & Policy. Upon graduation, Morgan took her law school experiences and passion for advocacy to the Young America's Foundation. In 2015, she joined the NRA serving as an Assistant General Counsel. She notes that one of the best things about her job is “getting to work for a cause for which she believes so strongly.” Morgan adds, “very few lawyers have the privilege of working to defend and uphold the Constitution.“

Several years into practice, Morgan credits her education and experience at Scalia Law for both her opportunities and her early success.