Elise Nelson

Elise Nelson, Class of ’16

Future Antitrust, Competition and Trade (ACT) Practice Group Associate, Freshfields

Elise Nelson is a JD/PhD candidate whose professional experience includes working at a law school and several years as an econometrician. To say she was an ideal candidate for Scalia Law’s law & economics track is an understatement!

“I chose Scalia Law because of its unparalleled expertise and offerings at the nexus of law and economics,” says Elise. “I think it’s incredibly important to be able to look not just logically at the facts of a case in light of law and precedent, but to look at it from an economic perspective as well. The amount of economic analysis – whether numerical or simply theoretical – that is used in law is astounding. There is always some sort of cost-benefit inquiry as to how the outcome of a case may affect behavior, public policy and the goals or intentions of a law. Being at a school that recognizes this importance and incorporates it into almost every class is an invaluable experience that enhances one’s ability to study and practice law effectively. Additionally, the opportunities the Levy Program presents for economists to seamlessly enter the field of law through this focus is unmatched at any law school.”