Criminal Law Concentration

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Students who are likely to practice in the area of criminal law or criminal sentencing should consider pursuing the Criminal Law Concentration to obtain a solid foundation in criminal law.

In order to complete the Criminal Law Concentration, students must complete the following courses:

Required Courses Credit Hours
Criminal Procedure: Investigation
Evidence 3 or 4
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication 2 or 3
Litigation and Dispute Resolution Theory


In addition to these core courses, student must choose one elective from the following list:

Electives Credit Hours
Supervised Externship 2 or 3
Supervised Externship: Capitol Hill 3
Supervised Externship: Virginia Practice 3
Trial Advocacy 2
Trial Advocacy: Criminal Procedure
Trial Advocacy for Competitors 2
Mason Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic (MVETS) (if criminal law related) 2