Lawyers today play a critical role in dealing with issues related to the intersection of technology and the law. In every company and government agency, questions of how to deal with technology from a legal and policy perspective arise constantly, including issues related to privacy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, development of technology products, financial transactions, and the like. The same is true when it comes to issues of national security, homeland security, intelligence, and law enforcement—issues relating to technology are rarely far from the minds of the operators and their lawyers. Recognizing the wide range of scenarios in which modern lawyers must be prepared to operate when it comes to technology and its interaction with the law, this concentration allows students develop a broad-based understanding of the legal issues at play in this area.

In order to complete Cyber Law Concentration, students must complete the following courses.

Required CoursesCredit Hours
Computer Crimes Seminar 2
Cybersecurity Law Seminar 2
FinTech Seminar 2

In addition to these three core courses, students must choose four electives from the following list of courses:

Elective CoursesCredit Hours
Communications Law 3
Consumer Protection Law 3
Corporate National Security Law 2
Digital Information Policy Seminar 3
Emerging Law of Internet Privacy 2
FTC Seminar 2
Intellectual Property Law 3
International Commercial Transactions 2
International Intellectual Property and Policy Seminar 2
Internet and Online Law 2
Legal and Economic Theory of Intellectual Property 2
Operational Cyber and Intelligence Law Seminar 2
Privacy and Information Security Law 2
Surveillance Law Seminar 2