Scalia Law students may, in the alternative, choose to pursue the National Security Law & Policy Concentration. This concentration enables students interested in specializing in this field to present potential employers (both in government and in the private sector) with a credential that reflects a solid foundation in national security law and policy. Students participating in this concentration may also engage with the law school's National Security Institute.

In order to complete the National Security Law & Policy Concentration, students must complete the following courses:

Required CoursesCredit Hours
Administrative Law 3
Homeland Security Law or Homeland Security Law Seminar 2 or 3
National Security Law or National Security Law Seminar 2 or 3

In addition to these core courses, students matriculating in Fall 2017 and after must choose three electives from the first list below. Students who matriculated in Fall 2016 and before may meet the elective requirements with any of the additional electives in place for the concentration prior to 2018, also listed below.

Electives (All Students)Credit Hours
Computer Crimes Seminar 2
Corporate National Security Law 2
Counterterrorism Law Seminar 2
Covert Action, Clandestine, and Special Operations Law 2
Cybersecurity Law Seminar 2
Digital Information Policy Seminar 2
Emerging Law of Internet Privacy Seminar 2
Energy, Environment, and National Security: Law and Policy 2
Ethical Issues in National Security Law 2
European Union Law 2
FinTech Seminar 2
Foreign Relations Law 3
Immigration Law or Immigration Policy Seminar 3
Intelligence Law Seminar 2
Interbranch and Federalism Conflicts in National Security Law Seminar 2
International Finance and Regulation Seminar 2
International Law 3
International Trade 3
Law of Armed Conflict and Military Operational Law 2
Legal Clinic: Mason Veterans and Servicemembers (MVETS) 2
Maritime and Space Law Seminar 2
Operational Cyber and Intelligence Law Seminar 2
Privacy and Information Security Law 2
Prosecuting Terrorism and Cases Involving National Security 2 or 3
Refugee & Asylum Law 2
Separation of Powers Seminar 1
Surveillance Law Seminar 2
Unmanned Aerial Systems 3
War and Law or War and Law Seminar 2 or 3
Electives (Only for Students Matriculating in Fall 2016 or before)Credit Hours
Aviation Law 2 or 3
Communications Law 3
Criminal Procedure: Investigation 3
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication 2 or 3
Government Contracts 2
Law of Government Oversight and Internal Investigations Seminar 2