Lawyering 2.0 – Current Issues in Technology Law

Credit Hours: 1

Big technology companies — Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others — find themselves increasingly in the legal, policy, and political spotlight. And inside those companies, the legal teams are called on to solve a seemingly unending range of challenges, in a fast-moving environment of innovation and disruption. The docket of a tech lawyer today can run the gamut, from more traditional tech-law issues like privacy and intellectual property, to newer controversies involving antitrust, government data requests and censorship, and most recently election law and political speech. In order to navigate these issues effectively, lawyers must combine legal expertise with practical business judgment as well as an understanding of the broader social and political context. In this seminar course, taught by Ted Ullyot, former General Counsel of Facebook, students will develop those skills by analyzing real-world tech-company legal controversies from the present and the recent past.