Strategic Washington Leadership

Credit Hours: 2

The course is designed to provide students with an overview of Washington, DC institutions and fundamental business skills needed to lead an organization. Students will gain the practical skills necessary to succeed in the often complex and cumbersome capital city environment. The goals of this course are to provide an understanding of the various paths to power in the national government, review how they work and function in practical terms, understand necessary leadership skills, and understand how to bring leadership to your enterprise. The course format will also train students in how to maximize their opportunity for success in these institutions and better understand how to gain, control, and exercise power. The course will also feature guest lecturers from a wide variety of institutional players, including, Business Leadership Coaches, Executive Search Firm personal, Embassy senior staff, media experts, association and non-profit organization CEOs, former Members of Congress, public affairs leaders, former Executive Branch officials, and those working in specific federal departments and/or agencies who will share their perspectives on leveraging power and influence in the most powerful city in the world. It is the goal of this course to train students to be effective in Washington and to provide them with leadership models for their success.