Supervised Externship (Summer)

Credit Hours: 3

Entails 180 hours of supervised fieldwork in a private law firm or a federal or state agency in Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia. The participating offices are selected on the basis of interest and ability to provide the student with a sound educational experience under the supervision of an agency attorney or judge. These legal offices cover diverse subject areas to meet the interests of most students. Recent placements include the U.S. Attorney in Alexandria and the District of Columbia, legal divisions in the Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Claims Court, Department of Interior, and General Services Administration. Students are also required to attend a minimum of one tutorial over the course of the semester (tutorial dates are to be determined by the course instructor). All credits are considered "out-of-class," and the course is graded "CR". For more information about the program's requirements and application process, please see the Externship Information Packet. For more information on the role and responsibilities of a Supervising Attorney in this program, please see Guidelines for Supervising Attorneys.