Legal Practicum: Atrocities and Criminal Law

Credit Hours: 3

This practicum will focus on the prosecution of atrocity crimes in international and domestic law, including genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, aggression, and terrorism. The course will cover development of the law of these crimes as well as the institutional, political, logistical, and procedural challenges faced by prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges who adjudicate these crimes. Through the practicum, students will develop expertise in substantive international and domestic criminal law, as well as other legal issues related to transitional justice for victims of atrocities. Students will also develop concrete skills and abilities needed to represent clients by undertaking projects involving real and/or simulated cases. The practicum will meet for two hours each week, and students will spend at least one additional hour each week pursuing related research and/or attending legal proceedings. Students will receive 3 credits for this letter-graded course, 2 in-class and 1 out-of-class.