Supervised Externship - Virginia Practice

Credit Hours: 3
Note: IA,CDA

Through this program, students are placed as interns throughout Northern Virginia, including in Judges' Chambers, the Office of the Public Defender, the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney, a City or County attorney’s office, Legal Aid, or in a private attorney's office. Heavy emphasis is placed on developing students’ litigation skills. Senior Lecturer in Law Michael L. Davis directs this program, determines individual placements, monitors students’ progress, and coordinates with field supervisors. This pass/fail program is offered year-round, and students will earn 3 out-of-class credits for 180 hours of field work. Space is limited. Students must submit an application to CAS and interview prior to registering for this program. Applications are available through CAS. Students may participate in this program twice, subject to space and professor's approval. For more information about the program’s requirements and application process, please see the Supervised Externship - Virginia Practice. For more information on the role and responsibilities of a Supervising Attorney in this program, please see Guidelines for Supervising Attorneys found at Supervised Externship - Virginia Practice