Arts & Entertainment Advocacy Clinic

Credit Hours: 2
Prerequisites: Copyright Law, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property Law (unless waived)

Students in the Arts & Entertainment Advocacy Clinic represent artists and small businesses in the arts in copyright and related areas of law. Past projects have included filing amicus briefs in groundbreaking copyright litigation in federal circuit courts and the Supreme Court, representing arts clients in agency proceedings including testifying in administrative hearings and roundtables, counseling clients launching various arts-oriented businesses, counseling a documentary filmmaker on aspects of her production work and interacting with foreign government representatives on IP treaties. Clinic class sessions will include significant opportunities to meet with and learn from industry and law firm leaders, and students will be mentored in their client work by practitioners in the Washington, D.C. area. Students also participate in artist counseling sessions organized in partnership with entities such as the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts. This clinic is a graded course offered in the fall and spring, and students may receive 2 credits total each semester (1 in class credits and 1 out of class credit). Registration is open only to students who have taken Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law, or Entertainment Law or are taking one of these courses contemporaneously with the Clinic, or obtain a waiver from the instructor.