Global Antitrust and IP Law Seminar

Credit Hours: 2

The high tech sector, which represents a growing share of the world economy, raises a large number of antitrust and IP law issues. These issues result from the “winner-takes-all” feature of the high tech sector where companies with innovative products and services can quickly sideline competitors and gain significant market shares (see, e.g., Microsoft, Google, etc.). The high tech sector is also heavily patented and this has triggered IP wars pitting, for instance, smartphone makers against each other (e.g., Apple v. Samsung, Motorola v. Microsoft, etc.). This course will focus on the main antitrust and IP issues, as well as the interface between these two disciplines, which occur in the high-tech industry. Much of the course content will be based on current or recent cases in the United States and Europe, which often make the headlines of newspapers. There is no specific prerequisite for this course, although some basic knowledge of antitrust and IP law may be helpful.