Food Law & Policy Seminar

Credit Hours: 2

This seminar will explore a variety of timely issues and topics in the field of Food Law & Policy, which looks at the basis and impact of laws and regulations that govern the food and beverages we grow, raise, produce, transport, buy, sell, distribute, share, cook, eat, and drink. Through readings that include law review articles; features in the mainstream press; book excerpts; case law; and research, reports, and other materials produced by a variety of governmental and non-governmental sources, students will study the relationship between the laws and policies that structure our food system – and their intended and unintended consequences. The course focuses on myriad issues related to government action (or inaction) pertaining to food and discusses issues pertaining to laws and regulations created at all levels of government. Topics this course highlights may include New York City’s ban on large sweetened drinks; local regulations pertaining to food trucks, farmers markets, and urban farming; state cottage food laws and craft beer regulations; the federal Farm Bill and farm subsidies; the USDA school lunch program; and local, state, and federal rules pertaining to GMO foods. Students will consider these topics as they relate to issues like the environment, food freedom, food safety, and the public health.