Corruption, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law Seminar

Credit Hours: 3

Bribery, human trafficking, forced labor, and other human rights violations remain widespread around the world, but a rising tide of global legal obligations on individuals and corporations designed to counter these practices continues to grow. This course will examine how the law can most effectively combat global corruption and human rights violations, with a focus on violations in business conducted around the world and product supply chains.  We will also consider the relationship between corruption and the global rule of law, explore the impact of multinational corporate behavior on corruption and human rights, and examine the current and emerging individual and corporate legal initiatives aimed at ending these practices. The causes, incidence, and impact of violations will be addressed, as well as the effectiveness of expanding tools to address violations, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, disclosure and certification regimes, private rights of action, and other individual and corporate compliance requirements.