Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar

Credit Hours: 2

This seminar examines the constitutional law of 15 of the G-20 nations, which are constitutional democracies: the United States; the United Kingdom; France; Germany; Japan; Italy; India; Canada; Australia; South Korea; Brazil; South Africa; Mexico; Indonesia; and the European Union. The 13 class sessions will compare cases from all of these countries on the following topics: 1) Introduction; 2) Constitutionalism and Amendment rules; 3) Foundational Judicial Review cases; 4) Separation of Powers; 5) Federalism; 6) Bills of Rights and Unenumerated Rights; 7) Equality Rights; 8) Freedom of Expression; 9) Freedom of Religion; 10) Comparative Civil, Criminal, and Appellate Procedure; 11) Property Rights and Economic Liberties; 12) judicially enforceable entitlement benefits; and 13 Constitutional Guarantees of Democracy.