Antitrust IV: Mergers & Acquisitions Seminar

Credit Hours: 2
Prerequisites: Antitrust I: Principles

The goal of the seminar is to help you learn to identify critical antitrust issues related to mergers and acquisitions. We will discuss substantive and procedural issues that have arisen in recent merger cases, as well as recent agency policy developments. Our discussions will be supplemented by visits from guest experts throughout the semester. This seminar is intended to help you (1) understand the process and substance of contemporary antitrust merger law, policy, and enforcement; (2) identify important issues that may arise during an agency merger investigation and enforcement action; (3) understand the factors that influence an agency’s decision to challenge a merger, and (4) understand key issues that bear on a court’s determination of the legality of a merger. The seminar is intended to help prepare you for practice with an agency, law firm, or in-house legal team. Antitrust I: Principles is a prerequisite for this course.