JD Course Requirements

Sample of the First and Second Year Semester Schedule for FLEX-JD

1L-Fall 1L-Spring 2L-Fall 2L-Spring
Monday Contracts I* Civil Procedure Property* Constitutional Law I: Structure of Government*
Tuesday Torts* Contracts II* Legislation and Statutory Interpretation Criminal Law
Wednesday Economics for Lawyers Civil Procedure /LRWA II**: Trial-Level Writing Property / LRWA III: Appellate Writing Constitutional Law I: Structure of Government / LRWA IV: Legal Drafting
Thursday Torts/LRWA I: Intro to Legal Research and Writing*

*For this sample schedule the remote/flex options are highlighted in red, and noted with an asterisk(*).

**LRWA = Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis

Scheduling Considerations:

  • After the second year, schedules will be based on students’ course and time preferences. Students will have the opportunity to continue to have two days per week on campus. Note that students who decide to concentrate in specific subject area may impact their schedule by those choices.
  • Flex-JD students must maintain a credit load of 8-12 hours per semester. (See Academic Regulation 3-5.5)
  • At least one residential summer course will be required to complete the degree in 4 years.