We are most pleased to be rolling out a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program for our law students this year. We are offering a series of 6 sessions over the course of the year and/or during our January week.  The Program is offered free of charge to our students and includes interesting guest speakers. 

SESSION 1: Introduction to the Diversity & Inclusion Spectrum; the Market Case for Diversity & Inclusion 

This session introduces students to the terms and foundational concepts of diversity and inclusion, outlines the parameters and expectations for the certificate program, and explains the business case for D&I within the legal profession. Students learn about the dimensions of diversity, the spheres of activity involved in managing cultural diversity, social categorization, and how D&I, when properly managed, can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

SESSION 2 &3: Implicit Bias, Cultural Competencies, Micro-aggressions (taught over 2 sessions)

These sessions are designed to give students a sense of what unconscious bias is, how it impacts decision-making, and how it can be addressed. Students explore the relationship between implicit bias, microaggressions, and cultural competency. While each concept is addressed individually, the relationship between them, identification, reaction, and management strategies are explored. Micro and macro level cultural competency strategies are explored.

SESSION 4: Law of Equal Employment Opportunity and How It Dovetails with Diversity & Inclusion Efforts 

This session covers the fundamentals of and relationship between Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action (AA), and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Students learn the theories behind and benefits of going beyond the legal requirements, demonstrating the importance of diversity and inclusion initiatives over and above compliance with legal minimums.

SESSION 5: Hiring & Retention Strategies

This session allows students to explore court rulings, case law, and federal employment regulations at the intersection of diversity recruiting, diversity goal setting, and inclusion strategies. The fundamentals of how, where, and when to onboard diverse talent are discussed, as well as processes for determining if such strategies need to be a part of the larger human capital strategy.

SESSION 6: Conflict Resolution (Platinum Rule Exercise)

This session explores conflict resolution from the Platinum Rule perspective. The Platinum Rule recognizes that people are different and that not everyone wants to be treated and communicated with in the same ways. Students learn de-escalation techniques, identify how they show up, engage in self assessments, and develop individual action plans.

SESSION 7: Creating the Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan

This session is the capstone class in which students present and discuss the Diversity & Inclusion Action Plans they developed by drawing on the knowledge and skills they acquired over the course of certificate program.