We are most pleased to be rolling out a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program for our law students this year. We are offering a series of 6 sessions over the course of the year and/or during our January week.  The Program is offered free of charge to our students and includes interesting guest speakers. 

 SESSION 1: Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion: This session will introduce students to the terms and foundational concepts of diversity and inclusion, outline the parameters and expectations for the certificate program, and explain how students can utilize the certificate during law school and upon graduation. Instructors and guest speakers will explain the market significance of diversity and inclusion (recognizing shifting demographics, technology changes, globalization, and changing business needs), opportunities in the marketplace, and how the market can respond to issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. 

SESSION 2: Legal v. Aspirational Considerations: This session will cover the law of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) (i.e., the legal requirements) in addition to explaining the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion initiatives (i.e., the theories behind and benefits of going beyond the legal requirements), demonstrating why diversity and inclusion initiatives are important in addition to meeting the legal minimum.

SESSION 3: Realizing and Overcoming Unconscious Bias: This session is designed to give students a sense of what unconscious bias is, how it may appear/impact decision-making, and how it can be overcome.

SESSION 4: Effective Outreach/Hiring/Retention Strategies to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce: This session will teach students, through a panel discussion of guest speakers, how to approach and plan to accomplish diversity and inclusion goals through recruiting, hiring, retention, organization culture, and outreach.

SESSION 5: Establishing Cultural Competencies in a Global Marketplace: This session will teach students cultural competency basics so students are better able to understand and advance diversity and inclusion strategies in their chosen field of practice.  The focus will be on examples likely to arise in business and other professional settings.

SESSION 6: Effective Management Tools to Advance Diversity and Inclusion Strategies: This session will introduce ideas and strategies regarding how to raise awareness within an organization and how to create a culture of inclusion aligned with the organization mission/vision.  The session is designed to give students tools they can use to build diversity partnerships across an institution (conflict resolution skills, tools to build consensus, ways they could educate corporate clients / law firm management about the importance of diversity and inclusion efforts, etc.).